4 Best Bisexual Dating Apps UK

Swipe, Search, Wink.

It’s like we always do these on a group of new bisexual dating apps. Yes, dating apps make meeting the special one easier than before, no matter you diligently browse or just swipe quickly.

If you are new to the world of dating with bisexual you may not know how to start it. This is why we make the list of promising and inclusive bisexual dating apps which is useable in the UK.

1. BiCupid

BiCupid App

BiCupid is specially designed for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. This app gives more chance for people who are searching for bisexual dating apps. Furthermore, BiCupid grows up with a group of users who are searching for unicorn women and open relationships.

The registration is quick and easy. All people could log in through Facebook directly or sign up with an email address in 3 minutes. Compare with other dating apps, BiCupid has well-build features and community and more important is more than 1.5 million bisexual members which are enough to satisfy anyone.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison App

Ashley Madison has become the best dating website for affairs and discreet hookups. Every day thousands of hundreds of new users join it and make the community keep active and brings a higher chance for casual relationship. So this is why Ashley Madison’s community is one of the friendly online space for all kinds of people.

Generally, there are many attached singles seeking discreet hookups and casual encounters. But it’s doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for bisexuals. Unicorn means an open-minded woman, which is commonly bisexual and ready to venture. So much as so that has been the mainstream awareness. From casual hookups to potential relationship partners, people join just to see what will happen.

Joining is easy, it will take 30 seconds to complete your profile and start searching. Of course, you can’t use it through any social accounts like Facebook and more. Cause it is famous and popular based on discreet hookups websites.

3. PinkCupid


PinkCupid belongs to the cupid network which is a huge dating network. Anyway, though there are so many apps and websites within, it is the special one inside. Not only for lesbians and gays, but PinkCupid is also welcome to bisexual and other people with non-binary sex orientation.

Albeit this website claims it’s for lesbians, but there are still about 40% of users are registered as male. And it allows this. All members are younger than other dating apps which are in the range of 18 to 34. After given the searching ranges, it is safe to be in the lookout of casual things and serious relationships.

4. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

You can know everything from the name says. This website and its apps are designed for adults, hookups, and one-time things. Different from other open-minded websites, AFF has provided services for more than 20 years and it’s well-known by millions of people.

But why this is good for bisexual individuals? The old views contain too many prejudices for the group of LGBT, while users inside AFF is more open and friendly.

So if you don’t care you would meet people who are probably more “open” than you ever met(if you never tried websites and apps like this), it is a nice try to start with AFF.

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