How to Tell If You Are Bisexual

At the very first, congratulate to you on possibly being bisexual. A great thing about sexuality is out of normal binary sexuality and that means we are able to discover, explore, and experience more in our whole life rather than others. But at the beginning figuring out your sexual orientation might be a little scary and stressful. This is why bisexual support resources work today for new bi folks.

However, if after some exploration you find yourself is still straight or others, that is OK for everyone and what we just want to tell you is that a little help never hurts.

How to Tell You Are Bisexual
How to Tell You Are Bisexual

Try to understand what bisexuality means.

Searching how to tell if you are bisexual? You would be able to identify your own sexuality. What we can do is just provide some signs to make you verdict it. After all, you know your feelings best.

At a very early time, bisexuality is a fuzzy concept because most people wouldn’t give it a definition. People know it bypasses from mouth to mouth. While bisexuality is once attributed to an attraction to both men and women, the term drops out from traditional binary sexual orientations. In real life, we have no need to know what exactly it is but what it is like, that is enough.

Some people will tell you that bisexuality is people who have attractions to both men and women. Not in all cases. If we summarized from some surveys we may found 80% of bisexual people end up in a straight relationship, and this is not normal. But it is another topic and we’ll not talk about it today. Just remember it. It’s a little bit complicated but not so complicated.

Image your feelings about the attraction

In the past few times, I have heard people ask: “How do you know if you are attracted to another sex before you have sex with them?” The problem is, I understand this idea. However, how does a heterosexual person know that he is interested in having sex with the opposite sex before actually doing heterosexuality? How do you know that you are interested in the sex of the first gender and/or before being sexually connected to them? Our body tells us these things directly.

Often, as your sexuality develops, as you age, you may begin to feel sexual and/or romantic appeal to some people (unless you are asexual).

So if you find yourself continually experiencing sexual or romantic appeal with certain gender and/or having experienced sex with others, then you may be bisexual.

Feel free to explore and venture, but remember do it safely

I’m just saying, sometimes, what you fantasize about can be a sign of attraction. But you can have fantasies about anyone or anything. You don’t actually want that person or thing in real life. “People fantasize about all kinds of sexual scenarios and don’t act on them,” Michael said. “Just because someone has a fantasy doesn’t mean they want it to be real, doesn’t mean they feel pressured to try it, or feel ashamed of having a sexual fantasy.”

This is not to say that the type of porn you may be watching is a sign of your sexual orientation. Pornography is a thorny issue. We see two people doing sexy things to each other, and all of a sudden, we’re in a sexual crisis. But you can enjoy gay and/or lesbian porn without compromising your sexuality.

Sex therapist Dr.Megan Fleming told women’s health magazine: ‘watching porn is a safe way to make you aware of what excites you. She continued, “in lesbian porn, there really is a focus on oral sex and clitoral stimulation as the main event. “Because a lot of people with vaginas like clitoral stimulation, it may be related to watching lesbian porn.

However, it’s good to try again safely. If you begin to fantasize about having sex in the situation you never have. It is important to note that just having sex with someone of a different gender does not necessarily mean that a person is bisexual. If, on the other hand, you still feel constantly attracted to more than one sex after this, you may be bisexual. At the end of the day, don’t define your sexuality by pornography or fantasy alone. Look at the things that are related to any ongoing sexual attraction you feel and start from there.

Figure if it OK to label yourself as bisexual

The first thing we need to know is that what or who you exactly are can just be discovered and explored by yourself. However, most people have to label themselves with several labels or characters. Therefore, if you have thought deeply and read a lot about bisexuality, you mush got something about yourself. After all, you know yourself best. With bisexuality, it always appears with sexual fluidity which could be thought of as cheating ways by many straight people. But you decide which label describes you best and only you know what feeling you got. While you feel comfortable and happy with an identity in bisexuality, then it suits you well.

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